Accessibility Statement

Last Updated: Aug 15th 2006
Conforms with WCAG 1.0 Levels 1, 2, and most of 3 at last review.

This is the official Accessibility Statement for the Business Abilities Website. Care and consideration has been taken to ensure that all users may be able to readily access the contents of this website. Please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster should you encounter problems; your feedback is most appreciated.

This website has been reviewed for accessibility by T.E. Braithwaite Consulting (tebc). The review period took place from June 6th to June 15th 2005. This review assessed the Business Abilities website for probable conformance with the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

At this time it was determined that this website was close to meeting conformance level 'Double A' (AA). Since that time many adjustments have been made to ensure that this website meets or exceeds this conformance level, satisfying most if not all Priority 1 and Priority 2 check points.

Although there is a conformance level 'Triple A' (AAA), some of the associated priority 3 check points are nearly impossible to achieve or actually result in basic usability issues. Therefore this website does not satisfy all priority checkpoints found in the WCAG, but satisfies most checkpoints in most cases.

About the Design

CSS Page Layouts
CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheets. What this means for users of the website is that our pages are painlessly read by assistive devices; the presentation is downloaded once and cached, speeding up access for everyone; the default presentation can be overridden by user defined defaults; and finally, we can easily maintain alternative presentations for our content making it more usable and accessible for all.
Large Text Support
This website features a flexible CSS based layout that will expand to accomodate text re-sizing. This means that even those using very large size text (set using browser options) can enjoy the same graphical presentation of the website.
Color Contrast
We have carefully measured the contrast of color combinations used on the site to ensure those with low vision can easily read all content.
Wherever possible, we have provided transcripts or captioning for video and audio content.
We have provided as many navigation aids as possible, including site wide keyword searching, a site map, and breadcrumb navigation(above page title - shows where you are in the site).

Some Helpful Resources

We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada.

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